Curiosity - Space Cat Mission To Mars

space cat curiosity astronaut cat Space Space Suit Space Mars planet
Curiosity -
This Cat Astronaut was inspired by our very own, Oliver. He's our grumpy little guy and we're convinced he longs to see the world. With that in mind, Derek went to the computer to illustrate his grand adventure to Mars. Where else would he want to go, Detroit? We toyed with the idea of putting him in a spaceship but decided on a kick-ass spacesuit! Mars is still a couple of hundred thousand miles away, but we are sure that he is going to enjoy his otherworldly adventure. Hopefully, for our sake, he will come back a little less pissed-off at the world.  For more information on our artwork "Curiosity" please click here: Curiosity
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oliver cat model  
Oliver dreaming of leaving this place.