How It's Made: Two Little Fruits Art Blocks Video

It has become apparent that we need a video to show all of you fine folks our gel transfer print process. The main question we get when we are at art markets is, “How did you make this?”.  With that question in mind, we thought a fun short video seemed to be the perfect answer, especially for our online collectors and friends. So, last week we set out to make our first how-we-do video, and we spent some serious time and thought making it. We shot hours of footage that ended up being a polished 2:11 minutes. I definitely have more of an appreciation for film editors, what a job! That is some time consuming and tedious work, even with the great tools we have available to us today.

It's mind-numbing how many times you have to watch the same clip over and over again to get the trimming and timing just right. Thankfully, we have Apple's iMovie to help us out. Then it came time to score our How It’s Made video, again, we turned to our cool tech tools and used Garageband. Neither of us are that musically inclined, however, I think that the beats matched the frantic speed of the video quite well for our first attempt at scoring a short film. Here is the fruit of our labor and we hope you enjoy the result. Please let us know your thoughts below in the comments section and be sure to sign up for our mailing list in the footer at the bottom of the page.  Happy Monday, everybody! #imovie #howitsmade #art #twolittlefruits #geltransfer #denver #artstudio

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