Throwback Thursday - Pumping Iron With 2LF - Two Little Fruits

Throwback Thursday - Pumping Iron With 2LF

For today’s Throwback Thursday we bring to you T.V. A L’Orange. This vintage television muscle dude is begging for a T.V. dinner, seriously, he looks hungry. This piece is a Two Little Fruits original, circa 2009, and at this point is almost vintage as well.  Wow, we have been doing acrylic gel transfers for a very long time, and you can tell that we have really upped our game since then. If you look at him close you can see that this T.V. A L’Orange has a ton of bubbles and lumps. Although, we do love the texture on this piece, it is nice to know that our techniques have evolved. If we want lumps now, it's because we put them there. :) 
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